Saints of Blasphemy is a weekly music discussion podcast, coming to you not-quite-live from Peanut Desk Studio, and is a Bad Year Records Production. Created and hosted by Briano Hawk and Sascha Saintevic.

The Hosts:

briano (2)Briano Hawk, audio engineering extraordinaire, the Spaniard with the Irish heart.  He cuts through clips of sound in ways that make the strong faint, and the weak croak (in exaltation!).  If he knew as much about finances as he did music, he’d be Czar of the world’s economy.  He’s also a proven practitioner in the fine art of origami.

sid-meSascha Saintevic, unapologetically androgynously named, with an incoherent Lower Saxon accent to match.  His devotion to music is only paralleled by his devotion to corny jokes, bad puns, and a pathological insistence for cheating at musical chairs (always to laughable results).  He also tried to climb a tree once…it did not end well.

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/St_Of_Blasphemy

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