Clarification on SoB Episode 4.

Episode 4 of the Saints of Blasphemy podcast will be an audio only.  Technical difficulties (read: my ugly face broke the stupid camera, har har har) caused issues with the video, which is why we’re posting it in the same week as Episode 3.

Normally, we post a new episode every Sunday on all our channels.  This week’s posting of two is a one-time exception for the above reason.



“Coming to you, not quite live…”

First post.  An awkwardly necessary intro if you will to accompany our music discussion podcast.  Ultimately, we are two music geeks who have throughout the last few years have enjoyed talking about this business, and all the various facets that come along with it, and we’ve now decided that it might be worthwhile to document these conversations and share them with the cyber-world.

We will be uploading links to our podcast here on a weekly basis, as well as occasionally providing commentary and musings as the mood strikes us (full disclosure: the mood will strike us, fairly often).

Catch you all later,

Sascha Saintevic

Briano Hawk